PerMIx Vacuum Sigma Mixers & Extruders are custom engineered for your application. Since 1954 PerMix has been leading the industry with our mixing solutions. Our ability to combine innovation, performance, & quality while maintaining a price point that makes our customers smile, whether you are a Fortune 500 company and a small artisan shop.

Here we have our latest testimonial to our abilities, our PerMix Lab Sized Vacuum Sigma Mixer Extruder designed for silicones. The unit is equipped with a self-contained temperature control unit which not only heats but also cools the ASME certified jacket. The internal mixing chamber is fully vacuum rated and the extruder has a custom die and knife set allowing for easy extrusion in any shape desired.

Come see the PerMix difference and experience the disruption as well as the smile so many others have experienced.