PerMix Sigma Mixers lead the industry in innovation, technology, performance, and quality. Our ability to engineer sigma mixers that meet the demands of today while keeping in mind the demands of the future are key in offering a product that meets the diverse needs of the future.

Our sigma mixers and sigma mixers & extruders recently have received huge applause from our customers in the pet food industry. Our mixers are meeting and exceeding the demands that this niche area of expertise has allowed us to focus on. Our customers are passionate about formulating food that not only feed our beloved pets but nourish them. Using the natural ingredients and nutritional values of the ingredients used to formulate the food to not only give energy to our pets but keep them healthy well into the golden years, keeping that bond strong between pets & owners.

Our sigma mixers and sigma mixers & extruders used in the plant based pet food industry use vacuum to mix and heat products, keeping the cooking temperature lower than otherwise used, allowing for the ingredients to be mixed efficiently and while keeping the nutritional values of the ingredients. In addition, the system mixes in a closed mixing chamber, which keeps airborne pathogens out of food and also assists in extending shelf life and increasing food safety for the ones we love.

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